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The technology landscape is changing at more rapid pace than ever before. We have seen some of the largest channel companies in the World go direct to the customer and they are taking market share from MSPs and VARs every day, creating a phenomenon I call, Channel Eclipse. Clarity Channel Advisors works with MSPs, VARs and those companies who supply the channel because we all have a vested interested in stopping Channel Eclipse and ensuring the channel ecosystem flourishes.

The Clarity Channel Advisory Group is a cost effective offering dedicated to helping service providers transform their business through a comprehensive cloud strategy and a fresh consultative approach that integrates their client’s Business Intelligence (BI).

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The “Clarity Program” has four cornerstones, Growth, Profitability, Value and Sustainability. We help companies focus on these four cornerstones with a proven methodology for delivering results. We apply our methods and tactics to our client’s specific business and create a way of doing business that promotes success.

At the heart of the “Clarity Program” is helping our clients develop a comprehensive cloud strategy. If a technology services company is going to be successful today, they need to understand how they are going to market with the cloud. We clear up the confusion around the cloud marketplace and give our clients a clear path to growth, profitability, higher valuation and sustainability.

Cloud Clarity is an application to help you identify the right cloud candidates.

Imagine uploading your client base into an application and having a targeted list of all the perfect cloud candidates. These are the clients you can convert immediately to a cloud offering that will increase your recurring revenue and your profits.

Imagine meeting with a sales prospect and asking them 8 simple questions and giving them their “Cloud Clarity Score” in seconds.

Imagine giving your inside sales team a quick and easy tool to make a quality first impression on sales prospects and increasing the chances of scoring that initial in person meeting.

Jim Lippie - Chief Advisor


A seasoned, self-motivated leader with a proven track record, Jim Lippie has a unique perspective on the channel. As the former President of IndependenceIT (iIT), one of the fastest growing cloud desktop companies in the World, Jim Lippie was responsible for helping the managed services (MSP) community identify opportunities to grow recurring revenue and add value to end-users. Lippie joined iIT and built a foundation for success, growing the partner base over 250% and increasing revenue nearly 300% over 18 months. Over the years, Lippie has developed his "Channel Eclipse" philosophy and has become a strong and outspoken advocate for the channel. His passion to help sustain the channel is what led Lippie to form Clarity Channel Advisors. He is now dedicating his experience to helping all of the companies in the channel ecosystem.

Formerly, Lippie was the President and CEO of Thrive Networks, a Staples Company. He was responsible for guiding the company’s overall business operations and strategy with a vision of becoming the premier provider of outsourced IT support for emerging and mid-market companies. In 2006, Lippie spearheaded the company's successful acquisition by Staples. Under his leadership, Thrive tripled its revenue and doubled its employee base over a six year period. During his tenure, Thrive was consistently ranked as one of the most progressive managed service providers in the world according to MSPMentor.

Lippie has also been named as one of the world's most influential people in the managed services industry three times (MSP Mentor). He has been quoted in hundreds of publications over the last several years and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences. Before being named President and CEO in 2005, he served as Thrive Networks' director of business development.

Prior to joining Thrive Networks, Lippie was a partner at Client First Associates, a management and organizational development-consulting firm. He is the author of "Five Management Principles in One CREAD: A Management Guide to Live By"

A native of Massachusetts, Lippie received his bachelor's degree in public relations and his master's degree in urban affairs from Boston University.

Erin McDonough - Chief Communication Advisor


Drawing on 25-plus years of experience, Erin provides executive-level communications counsel to businesses, nonprofits, and healthcare organizations. Guided by the belief that effective communication is one of the pillars of any organization’s success, Erin works with leaders to develop a comprehensive strategic approach to internal and external communication.

Erin McDonough serves a Chief Communication Officer and Senior Vice president for Communication and Public Affairs at Brigham and Women's Hospital.

Prior to joining BWH, McDonough served for eight years as vice president of Public Affairs at nearby New England Baptist Hospital, where she was the senior communications officer and spokesperson.

McDonough is also the co-founder and vice president of the Sean McDonough Charitable Foundation. Erin was recognized in 2011 by the Boys and Girls Club of Dorchester with a New England Women's Leadership Award, which is given each year to the city's most civically minded women. She was also recently featured in Boston Inspirational Women a publication which includes a collection of portraits of women who make a difference in the city.

McDonough earned a bachelor’s degree and an MBA from Northeastern University.


"Jim Lippie carries a mountain of knowledge about the Managed Service Provider business model, market, and target customer. Jim has spent years deeply embedded in the space working with customers, partners and vendors, and no one better understands the risks, challenges and opportunities faced by the contemporary MSP. From channel threats, to new opportunities hidden in technological shifts, Jim’s insights never fail to provide value."

- Charles Buck, Founder, IndependenceIT, Inc.

"Some people see the world as a closed box and operate within it. Others, like Jim, view the world as unrestricted by boxes and construct new realities unfettered by the artificial boundaries of others. The border between those two perspectives is where creativity and Jim Lippie live!"

- Jay Baitler, Former Executive VP, Staples

"I have known and worked with Jim Lippie since I entered the MSP industry almost 10 years ago. His experience in consultative sales and delivery as president of an industry-recognized best-in-class MSP and CEO of a cloud provider gives him a unique expertise in the evolution of our industry. I would recommend Jim to anyone who is serious about evolving their business."

- Michael Drake, Founder & CEO, masterIT


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